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Jessica Burfield,

Birth & Postpartum Doula

In my work as a doula I strive to walk along with you on your journey, wherever you may be. I strongly believe that everyone has a story and I want to meet you where you are. My goal is to help you prepare for a birth that you will find fulfilling.

The changes to ourselves, our relationships, and our everyday can be immense with the arrival of a baby. With postpartum work I am there to listen, support, and help you gain confidence in your parenting role. I have a passion for helping birthing people and partners process the birth experience and move comfortably into life with a new baby. I offer resources, companionship, guidance on newborn care/feeding, and the ever important opportunity for parents to get some rest!

No matter what your family looks like, what your background story holds, or how you are hoping your birth and parenting journey unfolds, it would be an honor to serve you. 



I'm pleased to offer free, no-obligation consultations to discuss birth and/or postpartum services. Request a consultation here!

Doula Services

Birth & postpartum support in the Greater Madison Area. 


** NEW Doula on Demand** 

I am currently offering on demand services to assist you in planning for your birth and postpartum period. 

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Lending Library

Booking a doula package with Fourth Trimester Madison gives you access to my lending library filled with resources for pregnant, expecting, and new parents and caregivers.

Amelia F.

“Jessica exudes passion for

her work. She helps build confidence and empower families. Being a doula is her calling;

her heart is in it.”

Lisa R.

“If Jessica is in charge, you can rest easy. She is so dependable and capable. Jessica also has a unique ability to bring people together and make everyone feel comfortable. She is amazing!"

Candice W.

"Through the years, I have trusted Jessica to take care of my own kids and she has been an invaluable resource to bounce ideas off, help problem solve parenting issues and find humor in the everyday moments of mothering."


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