Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula

You may have heard of a birth doula, a woman who assists during your birth, but what is a postpartum doula and what can they offer?

A postpartum doula provides: 

  • Emotional support - Adding a new baby (or babies) to your family is a time of great change and can bring a lot of big emotions for both parents. A doula can listen to the birthing partner talk about their birth story help the supporting adult with their new role, and help make siblings feel good about their place in the family. 

  • Evidence-Based Practical Support - A doula can provide you with evidence-based support and information for your postpartum period. They have knowledge in sleeping, feeding, newborn behavior, as well as a list of resources that would help you. 

  • Partner & Sibling Support: A new baby is a big transition for everyone, and a doula can help ease that transition for the entire family.

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